Former Group Photos

2022 Group Members

Vecchi group outside of Guyot Hall

From left to right: Prof. Gabriel Vecchi with graduate student Sofia Menemenlis and Chenggong Wang, associate research scholar Wenchang Yang, graduate students Maya Chung and Gabriel Rios, and undergraduate Grace Liu ’23. Credit: Laura Pedrick

2021 Group Members

Vecchi Research Group photo
Left to right: David Luet, Sirisha Kalidindi, Jingru Sun, Wengchang Yang, Tsung-Lin Hsieh, Sofia Menemenlis, Maya Chung, Chenggong Wang. Back row: Professor Gabriel Vecchi

2020 Group Members

Group members seen on Zoom during Covid restrictions

Top Left to right in it are: Maya Chung, Gabriel Vecchi, Tsung-Lin Hsieh, Ryan Eusebi, Maofeng Liu, Sam Bartusek, Grace Liu, Wenchang Yang, Jingru Sun, Chenggong Wang and Sirisha Kalidindi.

2019 Vecchi Group Members

Vecchi group in front of the globe at Guyot Hall

From left to right: postdoctoral research associate Jane Baldwin, associate research scholar Wenchang Yang, Prof. Gabriel Vecchi, Harry Hess post-doctoral fellow Nadir Jeevanjee,  system administrator David Luet, CIMES/AOS graduate student Justin Ng, postdoctoral research associates Jingru Sun and Maofeng Liu.