Former Group Members

  • Nina Grant

  • Grace Kortum

  • Jane W. Baldwin

    Jane is broadly interested in how large-scale atmospheric dynamics influence regional climate, with an eye to climate change and policy...

  • Nadir Jeevanjee

    Nadir Jeevanjee studies the physics of clouds, radiation, and climate.

  • Emma McMahon

  • Justin Ng

      • Former Graduate Student
  • Maofeng Liu

      • Former Postdoctoral Research Associate
      • Civil and Environmental Engineering
    • Email:

Former students
Alex Cavoli (ST20), Emma McMahon (JP F19/S20), Nina Grant (JP F19), Sam Bartusek (JP F18/S19), James Tralie (JP19), Tess Jacobson (PEI Intern Summer 2017, ST19), Artemis Eyster (JP S18, ST19), Kim Peterson (JP F17/S18),  Casey Ivanovich (Summer Intern 2017)

Former postdoctoral researchers
Prof. Jie He (Georgia Tech) and Dr. Ángel Muñoz (Columbia U./IRI)