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From left to right: Prof. Gabriel Vecchi with graduate student Sofia Menemenlis and Chenggong Wang, associate research scholar Wenchang Yang, graduate students Maya Chung and Gabriel Rios, and undergraduate Grace Liu ’23.

About Professor Gabriel Vecchi

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Gabriel Vecchi is a Professor of Geosciences and The High Meadows Environmental Institute, and Director, Cooperative Institute for Modeling the Earth System at Princeton University.

His research interests are climate science; extreme weather events; hurricanes; mechanisms of precipitation variability and change; ocean-atmosphere interaction; detection and attribution.



In the News

Viral Tweet Misrepresents NOAA Report on Rising Global Temperature
Jan. 27, 2023
Written by Saranac Hale Spencer

The warming trend in global temperature continued in 2022, which was the sixth-warmest year on record, according to a recent report from the NOAA. But a viral tweet — using just a small segment of a NOAA graph — wrongly claimed the agency had announced a “global cooling” trend. Professor of geosciences Gabriel Vecchi explains fluctuations in the climate graph.

Modeling Earth’s future: Princeton researchers project a planet affected by climate change
Dec. 13, 2022
Written by High Meadows Environmental Institute

The work of climate modelers informs public policy and influences strategies for mitigating risks and adapting to change.

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